05 Dec 2018

West Melbourne City Council

My experiences running for West Melbourne City Council

My experiences running for West Melbourne City Council

What an amazing city in which we live!

It is easy for me to say considering the outcome, but the 2018 "race" for West Melbourne City Council was honorable, professional, and above all a true reflection of our City's values. However, I never felt like it was a "race". Each candidate was respectful, we shook each others hands when we met, we talked about how things were going, and we helped each other when necessary.

My experiences running for West Melbourne City Council were incredibly positive. It was a lot of hard work for many people other than myself, and I've learned what an awful experience some others running for public office had to endure.

I was sworn in on November 20th, and that evening sat on the dais for the first time. This was a wonderful experience and I am tremendously grateful to the other council members and city staff for the warm welcome.

From my experience, it is impossible to run for office without help. There are signatures to get, doors to be knocked, websites to be made, donations to seek, videos to be filmed and produced, signs to be deployed (and checked almost daily), social media to be managed, palm cards to give out, event invitations to honor, endorsements to chase, residents to listen to, and voters to greet. I had some truly epic help from many amazing people, and I want to extend my deepest gratitude and personal thanks to everyone involved.

West Melbourne has some challenges ahead, and some big decisions to make. I will be listening to all residents, gathering all evidence, considering all sides of the issues, asking all necessary questions, and making decisions that are informed as possible. I look forward to working with you all, and am excited to see what the next four years will bring.

Thank you.